Field Services & OSP Construction

At Kamtel Inc., we pride ourselves in giving our customers and partners timely, consistent and quality services in the telecommunications and broadband internet industry. We have served the needs of several major telecommunications companies since 1986 and our network continues to grow. Ongoing training and improvement are key features of our business model and employee success. That dedication to quality is a big part of what makes our customers want to work with us year after year. Let us know how we can help your business thrive.

  • Installation & Repair
  • Copper & fiber networks
  • DSL/Bonded DSL
  • IPTV installation
  • Cable termination and testing
  • Structured network cabling
  • MDU/MTU cabling
  • Right of entry
  • Fiber drop placement
  • Copper and fiber splicing (residential or commercial)
  • Copper & fiber splicing (OSP construction)
  • Aerial and underground cable maintenace
  • Pedestal rehab and replacement
  • CAF splicing/cutovers
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Whether you need installation and repair technicians, experienced and fully tooled-out splicers, Kamtel has you covered. Our team of experts know the ins-and-outs of outside plant services for telecommunications and internet and are ready to bring that experience to your operation. 

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